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pointy stick

Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I almost spit out my beer all over my desk.


Apparently Glidden was so stung by your public shaming that they've taken down whatever lying press release you linked to. Another smug giant brought down by the brave voices of the blogosphere! Too bad about your gay ceiling, though.



I thought the ceiling was white when I went in to check this morning. Am I seeing things? Not seeing things? Has pregnancy affected my color perception as well as every other bodily function? Am I that preoccupied that I cannot tell white from pink? Why does Anna Good feel so wonderful about being pregnant? Oh, now I remember, because (a) she's never been pregnant before and (b) she's only a few weeks pregnant. Wait til she gets further along. Although personally I have given up on reading about her, life is too short to waste on stupid people.

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